Valistus Learning Philosophy

Three mantras of VLP are Imagine, Innovate and Inspire.

We believe our mentors/coaches inspire our young leaners to enchant and follow the above mantras from time to time to achieve the school’s vision.


Learners are engaged and have sufficient autonomy to try different methods to maximize learning through different activities. Our curriculum allows the learners to make informed choices while learning. Learners are motivated to explore different perspectives or situations while handling a problem statements, which will enable them to take risks and gives a possibility to learn from their own mistakes.


Learning at Valistus includes creativity, experiential and hands on. Learners often relate their work during lessons to the real world and gain a cross-curricular understanding over subjects. This will also enable them to connect moral and social issues of day-to-day life. Valistus learners are more practical and informed about how we all form an integral part of a global community.


Be it looking at the stars, an apple falling in an orchard, or even a spaceship taking off, we at Valistus believe that learners should be inspired at all times and at every age through various sources. Mentors of Valistus are life long learners who ask the right questions to young learners, facilitate a stimulating environment so that they strive to hone their skills to demonstrate understandings, competencies, ethics and values.