Learning Zones

Learning Zones Facilities

Science Lab

Integrated Science lab serves as a multi purpose area for performing experiments related to physical and biological sciences. This serves as a vital resource center for the project based learning activities driving sciences. This lab is well equipped can cater curriculum up to Grade 10, however Valistus will have its own dedicated Physics, Chemistry and Biology by the subsequent academic year.

Math Lab

Well-equipped math lab with different kits helping the young learners to visualize different concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry etc. This will be the vital the landmark for the Ramanujan club and support students with Math Trail activities.

Home Economics Lab

A temple of learning for kids to manage their life at home and grow up as responsible adults. Children learn basic skills of managing home like table manners, setting up tables, managing basic cooking, laundry, knitting, sewing, basics about managing electrical devices and many more.

Computer Science Lab

An advanced lab with all required hardware and software are available to students to pursue ICT curriculum and prepares them with all required technological skills

Learning Resource Center (Library)

Learning Resource Center at Valistus is quite inspiring for young learners and is the budding place for intellectual ability. Resources include informational text, realistic literature, folk tales, big books, poetry, biographies, early reader books and many more. In addition to the books it has journals and all supportive materials to enhance learning for both learners and mentors. The Learning Resource Center is ergonomically designed which offer required comfort and inspiration to young learners to read books.