Valistus Learning Community

Led in action and mindset by 7 core values, every stakeholder in Valistus imbibes these in the everyday functioning of the school, bringing in a sense of true community:

  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Being progressive
  • Being open to change
  • Networking
  • Being socially responsible

Mentors at Valistus believe that learning is a life long process and must be inculcated in all students, and each member understands the significance of the core values and their disciplined practice to be an ambassador for their alma mater.

With a dynamically changing world full of newer challenges, it becomes imperative that all leaners at Valistus hone their skills and learn new ones to transform any challenges into opportunities, and to use these with integrity and sensitivity to the larger community.


Steadfast adherence to universally accepted moral or ethical principles is important for every global citizen in the 21st century.

Valistus International School is aiming at contributing to the creation of a generation of confident individuals. Our students should be Confident in dealing with knowledge, people, and themselves at all times.

Every student of Valistus International School is expected to have a progressive outlook on life. They are to work towards improved conditions in all aspects of their lives.

Being open to change indicates a person's willingness to challenge their own convictions and beliefs and to accept other perspectives. We, at Valistus International School, realize that the best time to fine tune an individual to accept diversity and remain open to change is their childhood and early teenage. Thus we place it in our value chart hoping that all our students will learn to remain open to change at Valistus International School and after Valistus International School.

The society we live in is not a static thing. It is a real, living, growing evolving entity and so every individual living within a society should be socially responsible. Every student of our school is expected to grow up to be environmentally conscious, and should address the Sustainable Development Goals of UN.

Valistus International School recognizes the importance of networking - The action or process of interacting with others. This is sure to bring about multiple benefits for our students in future not only in their personal lives but probably also in their professional lives.

Every child at Valistus International School will imbibe themselves a quality of taking risks while learning new concepts and shall not hesitate to learn from mistakes.