1. It’s a new school, so until what grades do you propose to start this year?
The school will commence its first academic year offering classes from Pre-Nursery to Grades 8 this year. However, the school will offer Grades 9-10 and Grades 11-12 eventually. By the time students complete Grade 8, they will move to Grade 9 and so on.
2. What is the curriculum of the school?
Valistus is a Cambridge International School.Valistus Early Years (LEY) offers a blended curriculum from prep level (2.5 years) to upper kindergarten (5.5 years). Valistus Primary Curriculum for Grades 1-5 and Valistus Secondary Curriculum for Grades 6-8.
3. What are the school timings?
The school timings: Valistus Early Years : 9.00 AM. to 12.45 PM Valistus Primary & Valistus Secondary Years : 7.45 AM. to 2.45 PM.
4. Does the school have a Day-care facility?
Yes, the school has a Day- care facility until 6.00 PM.
5. What is the school’s admission process and the school fees?
Please click on the link http://valistus.in/admissions/ to know more about for the admission process. You can get in touch with the Admissions Counsellor at admissions@valistus.in
6. Who is the Head of School?
Mr. Venkata Suresh Lolla is our Head of School who is a well-known Educator with over two decades of experience in both India and overseas. For more info Click here
7. How about the teachers?
The Valistus facilitators are highly experienced in delivering international curricula like Cambridge and the IB. In addition to it our strong CPD calendar ensures individualized trainings to keep them empowered with the current trends in the community. They will also undergo all statutory norm related workshops from the statutory bodies from time to time. We encourage our teachers to be lifelong learners.
8. What is the maximum class strength?
The maximum class strength is 25 students.
9. What is the student-teacher ratio in Kindergarten and Early Primary Years ?
Each class with a capacity of 25 students has a main teacher and a teaching assistant along with a nanny.
10. In what Grade can students opt for Second Language?
As per the language policy students can opt any one of the following second language
Hindi/French/Spanish from Grade1.
11. What are the co-curricular activities provided by your school?
We offer table tennis, cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, throwball and athletics. Visual and Performing arts ( Music & Dance) are a regular part of the students time table in Valistus Primary Years. Students will also get an exposure to activities like gardening and pottery which contribute to their psychomotor development in a fun manner.
12. Is food provided at the school?
An experienced outsourced catering organization provides vegetarian meals prepared at the Valistus Campus. The food menu is shared on a weekly basis.
13. What about the safety measures for students in terms of CCTV surveillance?
Valistus has a very strong health and safety policy for all its stakeholders. All the student access zones including school buses are under CCTV surveillance and are constantly monitored during school hours.
14. What about the safety measures for the school buses?
All the buses are fitted with CCTV cameras, GPS system, speed governors, will have lady attendants, first-aid kits, emergency contact numbers, fire extinguishers, and trained staff.