Valistus Secondary

Valistus offers Cambridge Lower Secondary Program, a broad and balanced curriculum where learners become independent and consolidate their active learning and learning strategies acquired so far. They have plenty of opportunities to develop critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, problem solving and intercultural learning skills.

As a child grows into the teens and becomes more independent, it becomes necessary to offer a less restrictive environment for them to explore their ideas.

Biodiversity spaces, science and computer science labs, an extensive library and a Home Economics lab at the Valistus campus makes for intensive experiential learning that harnesses each child's unique potential to create an atmosphere tailored to their needs. Collaborating with other schools in India and abroad, this program offers students the necessary framework to develop team and leadership skills built through communication and cooperation.

Curriculum framework continues the key focus on Science, Math and English in addition to which students also pursue Second Languages (Hindi /French), Social Sciences (International and National elements), Global Perspectives and Kannada language, offering enhanced scope for development as a grounded and global individual.

Other curricular areas include Digital Literacy, Art & Design, Home Economics, Physical Education and Dance. Learners also gain an experiential understanding of practical life skills through the Home Economics subject to grow up as independent, responsible adults. Our inspiring sports field offers options like cricket, football, basketball, athletics etc. to gain physical strength and agility through channelled activity. A wide range of co-curricular activities like Yoga, Martial Arts, Pottery and Gardening also enable students to gain physical fitness and affinity towards art or nature.

Enrichment Programs offered after school hours in the Valistus secondary Program have trained facilitators to provide individual attention to each learner to excel in any chosen sport or hobby in a space that helps them remain happy and focused.