Valistus Tribe

Learners at Valistus are divided into sub units called “tribes” and each learner is allocated to one tribe at the moment of enrollment. We believe tribes existed in the past, when there was a much greater affinity for people towards nature. That’s the shift we need to have in future to overcome the challenges of the climate change.

Tribes reflect the family-oriented nature and its mission. Valistus learners are categorised as 4 tribes. Each house is named after one of the values they strongly demonstrate in their day to day life at Valistus.

Hope Tribe

Color: Gold - It is a of sunshine, hope, happiness and wisdom.

Big Goal: Connecting to home country’s needs and extending a helping hand to the needy.

Main Objective:

  • Connecting with the home country’s needs and challenges.
  • Learning to examine how these needs are met around the world.
  • Formulate service themes for the school year.
  • Organize events to raise funds to help the needy and do the charity activities.
  • Responding to issues that comes to forefront in the current events in the home country/ around the world

Empathy Tribe

Color: Red – It is the colour of energy, positivity, compassion and warmth .

Big Goal: Preventing animal cruelty, environmental issues in and around community and promote safety.

Main Objective:

  • Understanding the problems faced by animals and finding solutions for them.
  • Understanding environmental issues in school, local forests, heritage sites and wildlife habitats.
  • Maintaining school plant and animal life including the gardens, doing cleanup drives.

Peace Tribe

Color: Blue - It is the colour of goodness, trust, calmness and serenity.

Big Goal: Examine conditions leading to difficult situations. Increase community awareness through active social engagement and civic duty.

Main Objective:

  • Identify and understand world-wide concerns.
  • Factors affecting children due to these problems.
  • Get students involved in social change by questioning the world around them.
  • Promote peace through inter-cultural learning activities.

Equality Tribe

Color: Pink - It’s the colour of affection, harmony and inner peace.

Big Goal: Strive to achieve inclusive community by reaching across differences among the school community members.

Main Objective:

  • Learn about peers and neighbors.
  • Help students to become more open minded and understand the problems faced by others.
  • Learning to see individuals for their abilities and to see past their disabilities.
  • Creating an inclusive school community by extending help to the supportive instruction unit of Valistus.
  • Advocating for resources, access to public spaces.
  • Find ways to give support people in need.