Since today's children need a completely international experience to be able to contribute effectively to being a global citizen, the Chalasani Education Trust was started by a team of highly experienced academic and industrial professionals dedicated to the cause of educational wellbeing of a new generation. Imparting the foundation of success requires concentrated and consistent effort and the Chalasani Education Trust is comprised of individuals unafraid to dynamically upgrade and offer the best of available and innovative educational technologies to students to ensure a sturdy stepping stone to tomorrow's changing landscape.

Board Members:

  • Dr. C. Purna Chandra Rao

    (Founder Chairman of the Trust and School)

  • Mr. Srinivas Kumar C

    (Member Trustee, Secretary)

  • Dr. Gummadi Narendra Sekhar

    (Member Trustee, Treasurer)

  • Mr. N. Ramu

    (Member Trustee)

  • Mrs. Sri Nandini C