Co-Curricular Activities @ Valistus

The idea of co-curricular activities as steady companion to classroom experiences is strongly ingrained into the Valistus programs, and students at Valistus are offered holistic development, not restricted to theoretical expertise, but also challenged to develop a persona capable of top leadership. Communication, team activities, sportsmanship, hobby development and cultural comprehension are seamlessly integrated into the everyday learning of students at Valistus, enabling them to swiftly develop as capable experts in multiple areas.

Sports and overall physical conditioning and development is offered as disciplined mass drills, and training in mainstream sports such as table tennis, cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, throwball and athletics, contributing to physiological development and mental strength.

Music, dance and art performances are a regular part of the students' day, and contribute to their cultural development, understanding and acceptance, while activities like gardening and pottery contribute to their psychomotor development in a fun manner.

The student council formed to groom leaders are completely involved in strategizing for their companions, and festival celebrations, team games and morning assemblies contribute to all of their social development.

The creative writing club, Ramanjun club, chess and Raman Club are opportunities for students to challenge themselves, and contribute to intellectual development.
Students choose some of the most suited opportunities to express their individuality in channeled creative ways.