Valistus Edge

Valistus Edge is the birds eye view of the Curriculum
We know that as per Vedas, 7 is a highly spiritual number which is associated with intuition, spiritualism, inner wisdom and deep knowledge of self. Understanding the importance of the angel number 7, we designed our curriculum on the following 7 pillars.

Our curriculum is often executed through PBL (Phenomenon Based Learning) methodology where learners understanding concepts through cross curricular linked thematic projects.Project work would usually include the Design thinking stages Understanding needs, stating the needs, make assumptions and create ideas and work on creating solutions. They would finally test the solution and record reflections. This lays foundation for developing a thinking mindset.

Learners at Valistus develop aesthetic sense towards visual art and performing arts lessons while applying them to other domains in Math and Design. They develop a sense of respect towards preserving nature and its diversity through various activities in the green Valistus campus.

We believe in horizontal hierarchy kind of Humane Leadership. A leadership which inspires others to achieve highest potential by respecting self and others. We strive to create a collaborative culture through our lessons, which in turn brings in a strong sense of purpose and ultimately passion for their work.

We aspire to achieve Sporting Excellence through a balanced progressive curriculum implemented through inspiring facilitators. Students have a varied choice of playing Football, Hockey, Cricket, Volley Ball, Throwball, Athletics, Basketball court, Swimming and a wide range of indoor games.

Learners gain the key aspects of handling themselves independently at home through Home Economics. They gain in depth knowledge about various chores at home and preparing budget and expenditure charts, banking etc. Self-defense, yoga and swimming form additional Life Skills which will be of great help to our learners.

Students of Lower Secondary in Grade 6 study Entrepreneurship as an additional subject where they experience all stages of setting up a business. A true example of experiential learning.