Biodiversity @ Valistus

While nature walks and camping trips are common to children of the international community and ensures that a child is engaged with nature in a manner that is truly connected, we have allowed our children to slip into cocoons of artificiality today in cramped classrooms, unreflective of nature's generosity.

The lack of biodiversity that students are exposed to today makes them uncomfortable with thriving alongside nature, and creates a community less aware and empathetic to the critical needs of the ecology. At Valistus, we ensure that this is remedied at the outset, and offer spaces that allow students to discover and interact with the outdoors. Over 70% of our 5.5 acre campus is created with the intent of allowing nature to dominate and provide land as well as water ecosystems with flora and fauna grown with intent, and allowing the development of a sustainable biome.

With a futuristic and sustainable green building, indoor and outdoor ponds, and different species of local biosystems available to interact with, the learners will be able to understand the effect of different conditions in any environment, all of which provide great learning models for our students to live with, and in, nature.