A Day at our Wonderland

Valistus classrooms are designed to be inviting and inspiring for learners to engage in play and learning. Our teachers are highly trained and skilled to create a warm and welcoming environment for parents and children. When parents visit our classrooms, they can witness the result of years of training, expertise, and planning.

At Valistus, we prioritize learning through play and warm interactions with our teachers. From the first hello to the last good-bye, learners here are learning through their daily schedule, play, and warm engagements with their teachers. Our daily schedule is carefully designed to support learners' independence, starting with an arrival routine that includes putting away their backpack and student journal. Learners often establish favourite “first things” to do at their arrival time, like read a book with a teacher and register their names!

The day begins with circle time either indoors or outdoors (depending on weather conditions). This is an opportunity to learn turn-taking skills, practice self-regulation, and share exciting information. Circle time also helps learners to calm down and focus through mindfulness exercises while setting the plan for the day.

During centre time, learners engage in various activities that offer learning opportunities through play. Our EYFS area is organized with spaces for art, blocks, books, pretend play, sensory activities, and writing. These centres encourage learners to explore and ask critical thinking questions, supporting their cognitive, social, and emotional development.

Valistus also offers extracurricular activities like pottery, music, story time, dance, and physical education. Our learners also have the opportunity to try new healthy meals during snack and mealtimes while learning good etiquette and healthy eating habits.

Heading home during home time completes the circle of trust among parent, child, and teacher. Our warm good-byes make for an easier hello and start of the next school day, creating a safe and nurturing environment for our learners to achieve their full potential.